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How to get started promoting a program
Posted by Frank Bauer (Import) on 15 February 2008 01:25 AM

Promotion is all about generating traffic to a web page.

I wrote some articles that should help you getting started.

You can read them at "The 4 Most Effective Traffic Generation Methods" and also at

The next thing I recommend is that you get yourself a email address and put it in your profile.  It's a lot easier to market on the net with a account.  Without it you will miss half the info from the site and believe me you will want to receive the info.

You can get a free account here:

Below you will find a variety of ad campaigns that we use to promote any program and this should help get you started on the right track.

Some are free... some are paid.

You main job should be to start growing a list of your own so you can talk to them about the program you are promoting.

Here is how you can start free.

1) Join the free advertisings programs "Free Ad Depot" and "Target Ads Depot", "1 Minute Ads" and "Croc Ads".

Get the word out here for free or join as a lifetime member when you see the one-time offer and get to use their mailers.

2) Join some free lists and mail to them regularly.  Here are a few good ones.  Be sure you get an email out about the program you are promoting to some list or another everyday to keep the momentum going.
3) Drive targeted traffic to the site on autopilot.  This is simply superb and we use it for all of our 45 websites

4) Effective leads you can use in Add2it LeadsMailer Pro, Add2it Mailman Pro, Add2it Mailman Standard, Add2it Mailman Free, Add2it AutoRespond Pro or Add2it MailResponder Pro (see: ).

You can purchase leads packages at

General Information

When your own downlines, request help, send them this information so they will have something to work with as well.
Ad Copy

Be sure to compose your own ads for the site.  The best way to do this is to understand the site thoroughly by reading it and re reading it and going to the conference calls and then make your own ad up so it is not canned.  Tell people why you joined and what your expectations are and let your own personality come out in the ads you use.

Help Your Own Downline

Be sure to set up something similar to this to help your own downline.  When they succeed, you succeed.

Now it's up to you... I can give you the tools... you need to use them every day.

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