How to get past Step 7 in the Getting Started program...
Posted by Marie Reyes on 22 April 2015 03:38 AM

Step 7 is most likely the most difficult for most members that don't have an existing online business.

The good news is that you don't have to get it done at all to use  It's 100% optional to follow the steps.

The only reason we have Step 7 is to give free members the ability to do Step 8.  :)

Step 8 requires you to have either a downline in ViralURL (what we start with Step 7) or upgrade to the Gold or higher membership level which allows you to email random members or to get the Credit Mailer Upgrade.

Step 9 you can do at any time you like simply by commenting on anybodies message in the message center.

Now, the only reason to finish these last 3 steps is to win a 3k Mailing credits... but then again, you can use all features of even without it and it's simply an option.

The reason we added these Getting Started Steps is simply to help new members learn about the features they can use inside

So, how can you get Step 7 done if you don't own an existing mailing list you could email to about ViralURL?

Here are some tips...

1. You can simply use ViralURL's link shortening, tracking & cloaking system with the the links you use online or in emails.  Your links will then promote VirLURL for you using your ViralURL affiliate link.

2. Watch this video one "How to use email signature ads to promote your ViralURL link":

3. Watch this video one "How to leverage on other people's lists and members":

4. Check out this up to date list of Recommended List Building Sites.

5. Watch this video one "How to use Safe Swaps to build your list and generate traffic": (Click here to visit SafeSwaps)

6. Watch this video one "How to use Traffic Exchanges to generate free traffic":

7. Check out this up to date list of Recommended Traffic Exchanges Sites.

8. Watch this video one "How To Generate Traffic From Blogs & Videos": (Click here to visit InstantBlogSubscribers)

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