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Taking a Challenge
Posted by Frank Bauer on 21 April 2015 02:45 AM

Website owners may present opportunities for you to perform activities at their website. These activities (Challenges) can be made of individual Tasks (up to 3) that are to be performed in order to reach the end result, the Reward.

To take a Challenge, the steps are pretty simple but let's walk through what to do.

  1. Click the 'Take Challenges' menu and choose 'Browse Challenges

  2. Find the Challenge(s) you are interested in and click the 'Take Challenge' button.

  3. Fill out the fields in the next screen as necessary. Each Challenge may ask for different data, some may come prepopulated with your existing data, and others may not require any more data from you.

You can always view your progress at any moment, especially helpful for Challenges that require activity for a consecutive number of days.

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