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Online vs Offline Advertising
Posted by Frank Bauer (Import) on 25 March 2011 06:26 AM
The advantage of advertising online is the much lower cost then doing so offline... but that lower cost made many people lazier in regards to testing & tracking.

Offline advertiser know they have to test & track in order to be able to remain profitable... online marketers have it so much easier.

The best way is to test your campaign first online and once you found through testing & tracking a profitable one... then take it offline.

Online advertising places like ViralURL, ListJoe, SOTAM, ViralHosts etc. are very crowded... but most don't use those places properly.

Instead on focusing every aspect on their advertising on building their personal mailing lists... they try to promote other peoples products & services straight.

It's great for those product & service site owners when this happens, but it's short term thinking on the advertisers side.

The conversion rates at sites like ViralURL, ListJoe, SOTAM, ViralHosts are of course lower then if you advertise straight to a list you personally own, but if you don't own your own lists yet, and if used to build your own lists... it will get the advertiser a lot better long term results.

Provide something of great value to members of those sites for free in exchange for their name & email address (opting into your personal list) and over time you will build a great relationship to your personal subscribers and be able to promote other peoples products and services to them, or better... your own.

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