Can I Buy TPO with Earnings?
Posted by Clinton Clark on 04 December 2017 01:24 PM

Yes, You Can!

There are actually two ways that you can use your earnings to purchase TPO:

1) Your account is pre-set to automatically purchase the next TPO with your earnings. 
- This is the recommended setting so that you automatically progress to the next TPO and stay ahead of your referrals
- You can edit the settings in "Earnings" Section of your "Affiliates" section if you do not want to automatically purchase the next TPO with earnings (We strongly recommend using earnings to automatically purchase the next TPO)

2) If your account is not set to automatically purchase the next TPO you can do so on your purchase page. You can find the purchase link on your main dashboard page below the videos, just click on "Buy Advertising Credits" and scroll down a bit and select the TPO you want. You will see an option to use Bitcoin, Payza or Earnings to process your purchase. If the Earnings Option is Grey that means you do not have enough earnings to purchase with earnings.
- Note: You can also get to the purchase page by clicking on the "Add Ons" section of the vertical members area menu then clicking on "Buy Advertising Credits"
- Click here for an image to see -

Thanks, hope that helps and if you have any general questions about this Knowledge Base Entry please feel free to post them in our friendly Facebook Group:


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