How the Free Way System progresses from zero to 2.74 Bitcoins in 73 days
Posted by Frank Bauer on 06 October 2017 04:12 AM
In order to earn 2.74 Bitcoin over time, there are two stages...

In stage 1, people surf 100 pages a day and refer 1 person every 2nd day for 8 days in order to earn the funds needed to purchase TPO 1 and that way enter into stage 2.

In stage 2, everybody only needs to surf 10 pages per day and your referrals reach the point where they can purchase TPO 1, and combined, that allows you to purchase TPO 2.

When your referrals get to the point where they can purchase TPO 2, you will be able to purchase TPO 3 etc.

In order for your referrals to be able to purchase TPO 2, their referrals need to get to the point where they can purchase TPO 1.

As you can see, one layer builds upon the next for all that follow either the Free Way System or the Fast Track System.

The video examples show what is possible if all follow the same system.

Of course, in reality, not everybody will progress at the exact same speed... but as long as people don't stop midway, the goal is achievable.

If anybody in your team down all the levels gives up, the referrer of that person can simply refer somebody else to replace the person that dropped out.
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