How do I get a Bitcoin wallet?
Posted by Frank Bauer on 03 April 2017 04:33 AM
Great question. There are many places where you can get a BitCoin wallet.

Let me suggest a great resource that will help you getting started:

Step 2 in that resource will help you select a free BitCoin Wallet that bests fit your needs:

I personally have and use 3 wallets at this time. The first one isn't listed at the above resource, but still highly recommended.

1. BlockChain: I consider BlockChain the most secure as they are not also acting as a BitCoin Exchange and that way are less likely to become overly regulated.

2. Coinbase: Coinbase does not only offer free wallets but does also offer Exchange services. Some people dislike all in one solutions, others prefer it. I personally use it only as a wallet.

3. CoinPayments: We use CoinPayments to process BitCoin payments we receive and also as our company wallet.
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