How to get notified and track your list building efforts
Posted by Frank Bauer on 28 March 2017 01:22 AM
In order to be notified if somebody joins your list, your list building tool needs the ability to notify you.

Let's say you send traffic to a squeeze page that adds subscribers to your Aweber list, then Aweber will need to notify you of your new subscriber.

The next step is to find out what list mailer got you the visitor to your squeeze page.

In order to do that, your list building tool needs the ability to use tracking / campaign codes.

Here is an example how I do that when I e.g. promote ViralURL, InfinityTrafficBoost, ViralPLR, ViraliinBox or any of my sites that allow the use of tracking / campaign codes...

Instead of sending traffic straight to (which is my affiliate link), I use this link in TrafficZipper:{SABR}/

TrafficZipper will replace the {SABR} with the site name abbreviation. When it e.g. send an email out via ViralURL, it uses:

InfinityTrafficBoost I can then see that a new signup that was sent from ViralURL used the campaign code: TZusingVU

This allows me to see that somebody joined my InfinityTrafficBoost list from ViralURL using a TrafficZipper mailing.

As you can see, the ability to track those that join your list depends on the abilities of the list building tool that you send the traffic to.
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